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Brian Benson, M.D., Ph.D. observes and works to solve shortcomings in medicine while providing care to his patients on a daily bases.  The frustration he and his patients share serves as inspiration to address unmet medical needs.  Not only is he a visionary, but he has the scientific background to pose technical questions and devise means of answering them.  Without incorporating user bias, he strives to bring the stakeholders together that experience problems firsthand and those with the knowledge and capabilities to solve is teamwork that will eradicate disease.  

Consider the following scenario: 

In the context of the national opioid epidemic, a cardiothoracic surgeon is overwhelmed and saddened by the complex problem before her. She is being consulted for the replacement of an artificial heart valves in a 23 year old patient with substance use disorder (abusing IV drugs).  Though the surgeon is highly skilled in attaching valves, there are no options currently to avoid the new valve becoming infected again. This very serious problem poses an opportunity for science and medicine to come together to develop a lasting and life changing solution. Suppose there was a team of scientists who could make a better valve but did't know this problem existed.  What if these scientists were brought together with the physicians who identified the need?  Wonderful things are possible!  We need to begin to understand medicine, not for what it is, but what it can be.  

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