My Corona App - Self Screening Tool


App Introduction

In anticipation of the likely possibility that healthcare resources are overwhelmed, we have developed an App (My Corona). A series of questions pertaining to age, underlying medical conditions, symptoms and exposures is used to output recommendations regarding care. 

Safety and Data

We strive to create the highest level of patient safety.  Our team of collaborating data scientists, mathematicians, infectious disease and intensive care doctors are, in real time, reviewing published and unpublished data to make improvements to our scoring system.  Our first published (beta) version of the application is now presented here. At this time, we invite you to use this tool specifically for use in the United States, and only in regard to the COVID19 strain of coronavirus.  As always, it is advised that you seek the advice of your physician in matters regarding your health. 


Regardless of the individual''s risk of developing complications, we maximize on a teaching opportunity and explain what the virus is and how to avoid catching and spreading the infection.  We explain concepts like hygiene, social distancing and self-quarantine.  We know behavior change is hard, so we connect these new habits with concepts such as “your neighbor’s health is in your hands."

Range of Healthcare Contact Points

Some patients have a risk score that correlates with watchful waiting, others are told to have a telemedicine encounter or go to a drive-through testing facility (in limited areas).  Based on input, some patients with greater risks are either advised to go to an urgent care clinic on the same day or to the emergency department immediately.

Inform Stakeholders

Enterprise partners can gain insight into regional information so that appropriate actions can be taken.  This method puts limited resources to their most efficient use.

Validation, AI and Machine Learning

The App will reach beyond published data, incorporating a feedback loop to determine if recommended course of action was appropriate.  Machine learning will be used to improve the series of questions asked and revise the output regarding recommended level of care....creating continuous learning.  The potential exists to provide contact tracing in a manner consistent with HIPAA requirements.  However, it is a high priority, second only to patient safety, that we respect privacy and autonomy.  This technology could enable the identification of asymptomatic carriers which will prevent and help anticipate future infected persons.

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